The Krämer, Kiss and Partners Co. Ltd for Architecture and General Planning was founded in December, 2001. Thus, 2021 was a year to celebrate a continuous market presence having reached its 20th anniversary.

Special attention is paid to the aspects of the environment, to ever changing market conditions and to economic possibilities. We believe that by means of our environment-conscious and innovative-architectural thinking, yet also through our preparing surveys, we may contribute to reaching educated decisions.

The company features a Hungarian/German ownership structure of 50-50% and is registered in the Hungarian Register of Companies. It is operating out of its wholly owned business premises of an office loft in Budapest, up Gellért Hill.

It is the paradigm of the Company to make synergistic use of the interactions between Hungarian and German architectural and engineering qualities, respectively. With that in mind, we tackle tasks in the fields of architecture and general planning for a Hungarian/international clienteel – bearing in mind also the principles of Architectural and Environmental Comfort.

Hungarian Manager of the Company is dr. Kiss, Zsolt István, MA Architect, MSc Econ. for Building, senior designer. German Manager is Michael Krämer, MSc Engineer.

Cooperating Colleagues are Partner Szathmáry, Zsolt, MA Architect, senior designer Kiss, Miklós, MA Architect, designer Helfrich, Szabolcs, MA Architect, designer

Our Company address is: H-1118 Budapest/Hungary, Avar u. 33. Phone/Facsimile: +36 1 209 2519, +36 1 209 4212. E-Mail:

Our Partner Offices are:

ASC Studio Co. Ltd for Building Design and Consulting, Budapest. Webpage:

Krämer and Partners Company for Planning, Zwickau. Webpage: